Qualcomm Introduces Snapdragon X Plus Processor with 4nm Technology and 10-Core CPU

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Qualcomm has officially launched the Snapdragon X Plus processor tailored for the PC platform, featuring advanced 4-nanometer process technology. This processor incorporates a Qualcomm Oryon CPU with ten customized high-performance cores, achieving a maximum frequency of 3.4GHz. The CPU also boasts a total cache of 42MB and supports a memory bandwidth of up to 136GB/s. The integrated Adreno GPU delivers processing speeds of up to 3.8TFLOPS. In benchmarking tests, the Snapdragon X Plus has demonstrated superior performance compared to the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, particularly in the Geekbench multi-thread test where it showed a 54% reduction in power consumption for equivalent peak performance levels. In the Cinebench 2024 multi-threaded test, the processor also displayed significant performance advantages over the same Intel chip.

For graphics, the Snapdragon X Plus outperformed the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H in the WildLife Extreme test, showing a 36% improvement in GPU performance under the same power conditions. The processor's NPU matches the Snapdragon X Elite with a computational power of 45TOPS, supporting external multi-screen 4K 60Hz displays with HDR10 capabilities.


Connectivity features of the Snapdragon X Plus mirror those of the Snapdragon X Elite, including Wi-Fi 7 and 5G connections that cater to both Sub-6GHz and millimeter-wave, with speeds reaching up to 10GB/s. The processor also enhances multimedia capabilities with support for an 18-bit dual ISP and MIPI cameras, offering advanced imaging and video functionalities. Additionally, it includes cutting-edge Snapdragon Sound features, supporting Bluetooth 5.4 audio transmission for a high-quality audio experience.

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