OCZ to ship 1TB Colossus SSD to cost $2,500

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OCZ has shown off its 1TB Colossus SSD at Computex early June. It sports a 3.5in form factor and weighs 400g.

The new SSD has read speeds/write speeds are up to 250MB/s, 200MB/s,respectively. It is made up of two separate SSD components arranged in a RAID 0 configuration and driven by a JMicron controller. The Colossus 1TB is designed for high-end and enterprise markets with a price tag of $2,500.You can get it at some point in mid August. 

Now understand that Dual Indilinx controllers internally take care of the SSDs and then a JMicron RAID controller is making a setup on RAID 0 array. Final pricing .. 2500 USD / EUR, reeleased this month.

Ehm guys, here's a thought and save yourself half the money .. buy a HW RAID controller and four OCZ Agility drives ;)

Update: pricing is lowered a little - they will ship the Colossus 120, 250, 500 and 1TB for $300, $650, $1200 and $2200.

Computex 2009 - Day 3

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