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AMD launches Six-core energy efficient Opteron

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AMD today announced the immediate availability of the new Six-Core AMD Opteron EE processor at 40W ACP.

BTW note that AMD mystically diverted from TDP (peak wattage) tiwards ACP which is Average CPU power (!).

 Delivering up to 31 percent higher performance-per-watt over standard Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, the Six-Core AMD Opteron EE processor is tailored to meet the demands of customers who need strong performance, but must trim out every watt possible in a server system and reduce the datacenter

Blizzcon 2009

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Guru3D paid a visit to Blizzcon 2009. Take a peak at the progress in their latest games and latest hardware being showed off by Asus, NVIDIA, Intel and more!

Fraps 2.9.9

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Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with all games using DirectX or OpenGL technology to record movies in-game or measure it's framerate.

8 Lines Of Code + 1 CD-ROM = Auto Baby Rocker

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Aaah, only a true computer afficionado can come up with something like this. I mean, I  an do some pretty awesome stuff with my computer, however, I rarely use it to interact with other physical objects in my office. Generally, if you want to use your PC to move other physical objects, you need some fancy hardware and/or a good bit of programming knowledge. Of course, if you

AMD to launch Phenom II X3 740

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After reviewing the 720 one thing became clear, as far as I am concerned this is still the best value multi-core processor series to date, and it looks like a new triple core Phenom II X3 740 processor will be released soon.

It's reported that AMD will launch new tri-core processor based on Heka architecture at 45nm. This new CPU has one disabled core (perhaps with a bit of luck you can activate it). The aforementioned Phenom II X3 720 runs at 2.8GHz with a price of around

Asus intros Glaciator+-cooled GeForce GTX 260

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Naah, they didn't lend that title from Gladiator ;) GefOrce GTX 260 cards are dropping a price, I might have to review one again soon as these could be the new mainstream hotty. Anyway, ASUS released the ENGTX260 GL+/HTDI/896MD3. A GHTX 260 that features a black PCB and a dual-slot Glaciator+ fansink..

The card obviously comes with 448-bit memory interface and has 216 processing core with 3-way SLI support. In terms of conectivity options,it offers two 6-pin PCIe power connectors and two DVI outputs. ENGTX260 GL+ is clocked default with 576 MHz/ 1242 MHz for the GPU/shaders, 1998 MHz for the 896MB of GDDR3 memory.

It is on pre-order at $213.

Tropico 3 Release, Demo Dates Announced

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Haemimont Games' third-world urban sim Tropico 3 is headed to the Xbox 360 and PC worldwide on October 16, representatives announced today. If that sounds like a long time to wait before you start up your banana farm, you're in luck: a PC demo is also set to be released on September 7.

Shaky Cam Modern Warfare 2 Video

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This Video was filmed at Game Crazy company convention and shows part of the gameplay of the history Mode. As always, don't watch either of these Modern Warfare 2 clips if you want your game-playing experiences to be virginal :P Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hits PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 10--the same day the Wii gets the original Modern Warfare and the DS gets Mobilized.

Fraps 2.9.9 released

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Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with all games using DirectX or OpenGL technology to record movies in-game or measure it's framerate.


2.9.9 - 29th Aug 2009
- Fixed missing audio in Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas
- Fixed benchmarks not being written to benchmark folder
- Fixed loading crash when attempting to start Fraps
- Fixed stalling/stuttering after first 4 gig AVI segment
- Fixed mouse cursor image/transparency corruption
- Fixed mouse cursor offset in some applications
- Fixed crash when recording above 1920x1200 for some users
- Fixed crash after stopping video capture in Windows 2000
- Fixed crash in some DirectX10 applications
- Fixed random windows crashes with fraps.dll
- Fixed missing systray icon if explorer restarts
- Fixed frapsvid.dll and frapsv64.dll crashes when importing/playing video
- Fixed Run Fraps when Windows starts option
- Fixed Starcraft stalling during video capture
- Fixed limited CPU affinity of main Fraps process
- Fixed yellow corruption displayed in Plants vs Zombies
- Fixed capture speed of many older DDRAW games

Download: click here

Corsair High Density DDR3 Memory With New American Racing Blue DHX+ Fins

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And yeah, we have such a kit in house for some lynnfield lovin, see photo.

Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer memory, power supplies and flash memory products, including solid-state drives, today announced a new set of high density products for Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. These DIMMs are available in dual and triple channel configurations and are specifically tuned for Intel CPUs.

The 8GB and 12GB module kits feature Corsair

Gigabyte debuts Super Overclock graphics cards

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Gigabyte intro's their Super Overclock graphics card brand, the company claims cards in this series feature cherry-picked GPUs that can achieve higher frequencies and voltages than the average GPU. The first card in the series is the GV-N26SO-896I, a GeForce GTX 260 graphics card with a 680MHz core, 1466MHz shaders and 896MB GDDR3 clocked at 2350MHz.

Rr: GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, announces a powerful new addition to its product lineup: the Super Overclock Series. All of the GPUs in this new range of high-end graphics cards have been cherry-picked for top performance, efficiency and reliability. Utilizing GIGABYTE