NVIDIA Reveals High Adoption Rates for Ray Tracing and DLSS with Launch of GeForce RTX 4070

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The launch of NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 40 series graphics card has brought forth new data on the implementation of ray tracing (RT) and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). 

This data is exclusively derived from users who voluntarily shared their information via GeForce Experience, it reveals a rising trend in the adoption of these technologies. It is crucial to mention that this data does not offer a complete representation of RT and DLSS utilization, but it does indicate growing curiosity as more games begin to incorporate these features.

NVIDIA reports that 83% of RTX 40 series graphics card owners have activated RT, while 79% have enabled DLSS. In comparison, among the RTX 30 series users, 56% used ray tracing and 71% employed DLSS. This is a marked increase from 2018, when the RTX 20 series was introduced, with only 37% of users activating RT and a mere 26% using DLSS.

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