Nvidia promises to improve image quality issues with DLSS

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NVIDIA is under a bit of scrutiny in regards towards DLSS image quality (or the lack of it). In the articles we have posted last week, we have shown some example on DLSS image quality, and as we explained, DLSS works but makes scenes more blurry.

NVIDIA put up a blog post, and despite the problems with image quality, it promises improvements in the form of updates. For Battlefield V (check our test here) they claim that with the most recent update there already have been improvements, but for the next update, they would be working on better images for Full HD and ultrawide resolutions. 

there are also plans to update Metro Exodus (tested here), to improve image quality. There must also be improvements for Metro Exodus.

Q: When’s the next DLSS update for Battlefield V and Metro Exodus?

A: We are constantly working to improve image quality. Recently we updated the core of DLSS so that you get the latest model updates the moment you launch your game. So make sure you have our latest Game Ready Driver(418.91 or higher) installed.

For Battlefield V, we think DLSS delivers a big improvement in 4K and 2560x1440 performance -- up to 40% -- for the corresponding quality, but also hear the community.  For the next push, we are focusing our testing and training to improve the image quality at 1920x1080 and also for ultrawide monitors (e.g. 3440x1440). The current experience at these resolutions is not where we want them.

For Metro Exodus, we’ve got an update coming that improves DLSS sharpness and overall image quality across all resolutions that didn’t make it into day of launch. We’re also training DLSS on a larger cross section of the game, and once these updates are ready you will see another increase in quality. Lastly, we are looking into a few other reported issues, such as with HDR, and will update as soon as we have fixes.  

Nvidia promises to improve image quality issues with DLSS

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