NVIDIA Pascal GP104 Die Photo

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Last week Nvidia announced the Tesla P100 data-center GPU and if you looked closely at the photo's you could already clearly see that big Pascal 15B transistor GPU being used. A new photo this time showing the GP104 GPU (successor to the GM204 = GTX 970/980).

According to the leak the photo shown below is the GP104 (GM204 successor) intended for Nvidia's pending high-end products, and it measures roughly 290-300mm². At the right side you can see Samsung K4G80325FB - 1.5V 8Gb 8Gbps (8000MHz) GDDR5. Word on the street is that this GPU would hold 2560 shader processors.

The rectangular die of the GP104 was measured at 15.35 mm x 19.18 mm which should house (very speculative) a transistor-count of 7.4~7.9 billion. Interesting to see is that this chip is tied towards Samsung 8-gigabit GDDR5 memory chips. These ICs run an effective speed of 8 GHz (GDDR5 and thus not GDDR5X). At 256-bit you'ld be looking at 256 GB/s of bandwidth. The shader processor core count of the GP104 could be closer to 2,560, than the 4,096 from an older report.

Earlier on it was speculated that graphics cards based on these GPUs would be called X70 and X80, the specs do not meet up even slightly though.

NVIDIA Pascal GP104 Die Photo

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