NVIDIA Geforce RTX 50 Series Graphics Cards to Feature DisplayPort 2.1 and 3nm Fabrication

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Industry sources report that Nvidia's forthcoming RTX 50 series graphics cards will support DisplayPort 2.1 and will be manufactured using TSMC's 3nm process technology. The information regarding the production process was confirmed by the recognized Nvidia information source, kopite7kimi, who, while verifying the use of the 3nm process, did not divulge detailed specifications of the process itself.

 Similarly, the support for DisplayPort 2.1 was affirmed, though without additional technical details.Discussions around the RTX 50 series have included the possibility of the graphics cards adopting GDDR7 memory, which would position them in line with the expected specifications of AMD's forthcoming Radeon RX 8000 series GPUs. The use of GDDR7 memory could potentially achieve memory bandwidths up to 36Gbit/s per pin, which would equate to a total bandwidth of approximately 1.15TB/s on a 256-bit memory bus.

The release date for the RTX 50 series is anticipated to be in the following year, although Nvidia has not provided a specific launch timeline. Considering the historical release patterns of the RTX 30 series in late 2020 and the RTX 40 series in 2022, it is unclear if Nvidia will maintain a similar cadence for the new series' launch.

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