NVIDIA adds far more visual option to not install GeForce Experience

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Do you remember how Geforce Experience first was a feature, initially an optional separated install and then pretty much became a mandatory installation tied to the drivers, and then cloud logins like Facebook etc? Well, there always has been an option to not install it. If you installed a GeForce driver, you had to choose a custom installation and only then you would see the option to not install it listed in a drop-down list.

This has been changed, and though we're not sure why that is, we do think it might have been GDPR-related as the actual change took effect when the new legislation became active somewhere last month. If you install a recent NVIDIA GeForce Driver, you will now be specifically asked if you actually want to install GeForce Experience. It is a significant change and a far more clear in relation to consent. Once you install the driver you now get two options, install just the driver, or both the driver and GeForce Experience. This new setup was noticed by our colleagues from the Dutch HWI, props go out to them for this spot as I certainly missed it a month or so ago. Below two examples of how it is now, and how it was hidden in the past.

GeForce Experience has been loved and hated. Loved for it's streaming features, the ability to record with Shadowplay, but hated for transmitting all kinds of telemetry data of your PC and the fact that if you want to use say a feature like shadowplay, you are forced to use a nvidia, google or facebook account. 

Above the new situation, you'll immediately get the option to choose both the driver and GeForce Experience or just the driver. 

In the old situation, GFE was installed automatically, unless you specifically ticked custom installed, go to a following screen and deselect GFE.

Once you hit the custom installation, here you could unflag GeForce Experience to be skipped during installation.

NVIDIA adds far more visual option to not install GeForce Experience

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