Noctua Pending Fanless Processor Cooler Released Soon (updated)

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Noctua has been working on a Fanless Passive CPU Cooler for a long time now, in fact back in 2019 on Computex the first words on that had been shared.

Back then a 1.5 kg cooler passive (with no fans) would be able to offer 120W of cooling or 180W with a silent fan. Back then the prototype incorporated support for both AM4 and LGA 115x sockets even possible to cool a Core i9-9900K under load at the time. It seems Noctua has plans to commercially release the passive cooler H1 next year and new photos have recently been shared would see volume production in the next few months. The photo, well it's not much .. but it is something.


It's been a while but the passive cooler seems to be released soon. Some issues in design had to be addressed. The cooler that has no name just yet is designed to take advantage of the effect of natural convection and should be capable of providing cooling power of up to 120 watts. With the help of a fan placed in the housing or on the cooler, the supported tdp increases to 180 watts. A spokesperson from Noctua explains that it took so long for the product to arrive due to a complex development process. For example, there must be sufficient distance between the cooling fins to support natural convection. As this reduces the number of fins, they in turn have to be thicker to achieve the desired cooling capacity.

Noctua now suggests on Twitter that the cooler will be on the market soon, the passive cooler will hit the market in the second quarter of this year. It is consequently more likely that more information will be available during the upcoming Computex trade show, which will take place online from 1 to 5 June.

Updated: the cooler has been briefly spotted online for 99 USD. The entry has been taken offline again though. This indicates a release soon.

Noctua Pending Fanless Processor Cooler Released Soon (updated)

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