MSI Releases BIOS Update Enabling One-Click Overclocking on LGA1700 Platform

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MSI has announced a BIOS update for its Z690/Z790 motherboards, introducing a "one-click over 6GHz" overclocking feature. This update enables users to easily overclock the CPU to frequencies between 6.1 and 6.3GHz. This functionality is accessible via the BIOS settings and is designed to operate intelligently without the need for manual adjustments.

However, it's important to note that this feature is currently exclusive to the i9-14900K processor and is not compatible with other models. For optimal performance, the use of this overclocking feature requires robust motherboard support. Specifically, motherboards in the MPG and MEG series, which are tailored for high performance, are suitable for this function.


The scope of this BIOS update extends beyond the Z690 and Z790 series. It also encompasses the B660, B760, and H610 motherboards, enhancing various aspects such as CPU microcode, secure boot, overclocking mechanisms, and APO (Adaptive Performance Optimization) functions. The update also notably improves Intel's APO function, which, when activated on the 14700K and 14900K processors, has been shown to significantly enhance frame rates in specific games like "Rainbow Six: Siege" and "Metro: Exodus."

This enhancement illustrates MSI's commitment to providing advanced features and functionality to its users, ensuring that their hardware can achieve optimal performance levels.

Source: ithome

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