MSI Intel and AMD Motherboards Upgrade to Support 256GB Memory Capacity

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MSI announced that its range of Intel and AMD motherboards now supports memory capacities of up to 256GB. This development, which applies to motherboards equipped with 4 DIMMs (enabling 256GB) and 2 DIMMs (supporting 128GB), aims to enhance computing performance and multitasking efficiency. For Intel platforms, the memory capacity upgrade is available on the 700 and 600 series DDR5 motherboards. Users interested in this upgrade must install a dedicated BIOS. MSI has initiated the rollout of these BIOS updates, with the first set already released.

The subsequent updates for the remaining models are scheduled for release in late February and March 2024.

The table below outlines the Intel motherboard models along with their corresponding BIOS versions that support the 256GB memory capacity upgrade:

  • MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX: 7D85vA31 (Beta version)
  • MEG Z790 GODLIKE: 7D85v191 (Beta version)
  • MEG Z790 ACE MAX: 7D86vA32 (Beta version)
  • MEG Z790 ACE: 7D86v1A2 (Beta version)
  • MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI: 7D89vA34 (Beta version)
  • MPG Z790 CARBON WIFI: 7D89v1B3 (Beta version)
  • PRO Z790-A MAX WIFI: 7E07vM31 (Beta version)
  • PRO Z790-A WIFI: 7E07vAA1 (Beta version)
  • Z790MPOWER: 7E01vP12 (Beta version)
  • MAG B760M MORTAR MAX WIFI: 7E01vH81 (Beta version)
  • MAG B760M MORTAR WIFI: 7E01vM81 (Beta version)
  • MAG B760M MORTAR: 7E01vM81 (Beta version)

For AMD platforms, the 256GB memory capacity support is extended to all AM5 models, including the X670, B650, and A620 motherboards. The necessary BIOS updates for these AMD motherboards were made available in January 2024, ensuring compatibility with the increased memory capacity.


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