Mionix NASH 20 analog stereo gaming headset

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Mionix today released their the new NASH 20 analog stereo gaming headset. In building the NASH 20 we wanted to create perfect combination of design comfort and sound and we are very confident that we have achieved this” says Peter Nygren, CEO at Mionix.

Star Story

The NASH is named after the third largest star in the Sagittarius zodiac constellation. The meaning of NASH, according to Arabic mythology is an Arrowhead, which is a suitable name for a top class gaming headset with superior precision and sharp sound.

Model overview:

The NASH 20 is circumaural analog stereo gaming headset, engineered with our three most important values: Design, Sound and Comfort. The fully adjustable ear cups and memory foam cushions are made for long comfortable gaming sessions. The flip-up-to-mute microphone and on-ear cup volume control allows you simply access the mute or volume functions.

The NASH 20 is developed with a unique audio filtered semi closed back acoustic chamber which is optimized especially by Mionix for our own developed angled 50 mm DACT drivers to enable exceptional sound reproduction and precision.

The sound is as the perfect mix of mid- and high precise crystal clear audiophile tones for the most demanding music lover. High-lighted low, mid and high frequencies for accurate in-game positioning with a deep balanced bass for you to be able to experience the most out of your music, gaming or multimedia.


The clean Scandinavian design of the NASH 20 incorporates fluid lines and a fuss free impression. The headset is coated with a 4-layer rubber coating that gives a soft touch feel. The on ear cup volume control and flip-up-to-mute microphone boom allowed us to keep the cable free from switches and boxes.


Our own developed DACT drivers reproduce sound to the highest audiophile standard. The semi closed back acoustic chamber design is engineered to provide air to the drivers to optimize the sound. The sound reproduction is optimized for both the lower, mid and high frequencies. Due to the high-lighted soundscape you will get the advantage of more accurate and quicker positioning when playing games.


Equipped with an adjustable headband and omnidirectional swivel inner ear cups together with smooth and comfortable memory foam leather encased cushions the NASH 20 will still be comfortable to use even for the longest using seasons.


  • Memory foam leather encased cushions made for maximum comfort for long gaming seasons.
  • Full size swivel ear cups to optimize the angle of the sound and comfortable fit.
  • Easy access adjustable volume control on ear cup, so you never have to take your eyes off the screen or take of the hand from your mouse.
  • Flip-up-to-mute microphone boom with click indication.
  • Adjustable headband height adjustment with strong steel construction.
  • Our own developed 50 mm neodymium DACT drivers with optimized frequency response ratio for gaming, music and multimedia usage.
  • 2 meter braided cable with gold plated 3,5 mm plugs.
  • Angled drivers for optimized acoustics, better comfort and sound positioning.
  • High-lighted soundscape will get you the advantage of more accurate and quicker positioning helping you to hear and locate your opponent’s positions.

For more information on the NASH 20 please visit http://mionix.net/products/nash-20/

Availability & Pricing

Mionix NASH 20 will be available worldwide to pre-order today and delivery in March 2014

Suggested retail price: $129.99 / €109.99 / £99.99 / 999 SEK

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