China lifts ban on foreign games consoles

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The Chinese government have decided to lift the ban on foreign games consoles that was introduced in the country 14 years ago. Seen as having an adverse effect on the metal health of young children, video games consoles were banned in 2000, however this lifting could well signal an invasion by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

The Chinese government issued a statement saying that game consoles would be allowed to go on sale in the country after they had been inspected by the cultural department. It must be stressed that this is only a temporary lifting of the ban and it is still unsure how long the government will allow the trade in games consoles. China is one the world’s markets that has remained largely untapped by leading technology companies and the news was greeted with expectation from the leading brands. Sony commented that "We recognise that China is a promising market.

We will continuously study the possibility, but there is no concrete plan at this stage." The Chinese government has also allowed the production of games consoles within Shanghai's free trade zone. As a result of the ban that was introduced in 2000 PC browser games and mobile phone games dominate the majority of the market. In 2013 the PC gaming market was worth around $13bn and held two thirds of the market.

China lifts ban on foreign games consoles

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