Kioxia EXCERIA PLUS G3 SD10 Series SSDs Details

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Kioxia's EXCERIA PLUS G3 SD10 series solid-state drives are now on the market in Asia, offering users a range of technical specifications and competitive pricing options. These SSDs feature TLC (Triple-Level Cell) particles, ensuring high-performance storage solutions. Let's delve into the technical specifics and pricing details. These SSDs leverage PCIe 4.0 technology, delivering impressive sequential read speeds of up to 5000MB/s and sequential write speeds of 3900MB/s. Notably, the 2TB version of this SSD series boasts a remarkable durability rating of 1200TB.  The utilization of TLC particles in these drives ensures efficient and reliable data storage without the need for buffering. This enhances the overall performance and responsiveness of the SSDs. 

The physical dimensions of these SSDs measure 80.15mm in length, 22.15mm in width, and 2.63mm in height, further enhancing their compatibility with various systems.  For those seeking cost-effective storage solutions, the starting price for these SSDs is $54. Specifically, the 1TB variant is available at this price point, while the 2TB version can be acquired $99. 

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