Intel Xeon 6 6980P Granite Rapids-AP processor to get 128 cores / 500W TDP

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Recent leaks have provided detailed insights into Intel's next-generation Xeon 6 series processors, which include the Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest lines. The Granite Rapids processors will feature up to 128 cores utilizing P-Core architecture based on Redwood Cove cores, which support hyperthreading. In contrast, the Sierra Forest processors will include up to 288 cores, using E-Cores based on Sierra Glen cores without hyperthreading support. Intel's new Xeon 6 series encompasses two distinct packages with different socket specifications—Beechnut City with the LGA-4710 socket and Avenue City with the LGA-7529 socket. These platforms are designed for dual-socket motherboards, with Beechnut City supporting up to 350W TDP and 16 channels per CPU, and Avenue City accommodating up to 500W TDP and 12 channels per CPU.

Hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS has disclosed images and some specifications of the new processors, indicating that the larger Avenue City package can support more pins and has a larger size compared to Beechnut City. Among the disclosed models, the Granite Rapids Xeon 6 6xxxP series is noted to reach up to 128 cores with a 500W TDP and clock speeds varying from 2.0 to 3.2 GHz. The exact size of the L3 cache for these processors has not been confirmed, although a 56-core variant features 288 MB of L3 cache.


The initial launch of the Xeon 6 series is scheduled for this year, with Sierra Forest expected in the second half and Granite Rapids to follow. The specifics of core counts, threads, and cache sizes for various models in the Sierra Forest lineup have also been revealed, ranging from 64 to 288 cores with corresponding increases in cache size and power requirements.


Intel's strategic advancements in the Xeon 6 series aim to enhance computational power and efficiency, positioning these processors to be integral in future high-performance computing environments.

Intel Xeon 6 Series ES/QS SKU List 

Cores Threads L3 Cache Clock (up to) TDP
Sierra Forest
Xeon 6 6710E 64 64 96MB 2.4 GHz 205W
Xeon 6 6731E 96 96 96MB 2.2 GHz 250W
Xeon 6 6740E 96 96 96MB 2.4 GHz 250W
Xeon 6 6746E 112 112 96MB 2.0 GHz 250W
Xeon 6 6756E 128 128 96MB 1.8 GHz 225W
Xeon 6 6766E 144 144 108MB 1.9 GHz 250W
Xeon 6 6780E 144 144 108MB 2.2 GHz 330W
Xeon 6 ????E 288 288 216MB TBC 500W
Granite Rapids
Xeon 6 ????P 32 64 TBC TBC 350W
Xeon 6 ????P 44 88 176MB 2.7 GHz 350W
Xeon 6 ????P 56 112 288MB 2.6 GHz 350W
Xeon 6 6960P 72 144 TBC 3.8 GHz 500W
Xeon 6 6972P 96 192 TBC 3.5 GHz 500W
Xeon 6 6979P 120 240 TBC 3.2 GHz 500W
Xeon 6 6980P 128 256 TBC 3.2 GHz 500W
SP (LGA4710) AP (LGA7592)

Source: YuuKi_AnS, table via videocardz

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