Intel to release third Core i line at 14 after Skylake - Kabi Lake

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Intel will likely release a Core i series processor lineup in 2016 based on the Kaby Lake-series. This would be the 3rd generation processors that Intel fabs at 14nm.

It is unclear if this effects the introduction of 10nm in the Cannonlake-generation. Some details about Kaby lake have already surfaced at Chinese website benchlife. Kaby lake also appeared in a recent graphics driver. Kaby lake will look very much like Skylake though.The dual-core Y and U series for laptops will get a Skylake PCH on die. The Y chips will get TDPs from 4.5 to 18 Watts and the GPUs embedded are based on GT2 and GT3 with 64MB cache.

Then there will be a H series with 35W and 45W TDPs, these come with GT2. A quad-core model will get a GT4 IGP with 128MB cache memory, but details on this model are limited.

De desktop processors based on Kaby will use LGA 1151, the Skylake slot and support TDPs from 35, 65 and 91W. The last model will obviously be an unlocked K series processor. 

The Kaby lake platform for desktops will support USB 3.1 and DDR4, the laptop versions however will have to do with  USB 3.0 adn DDR3. 

So that leaves the true next gen series to be Cannonlake, at 10nm.

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