EASARS Flare RGB Mechanical Keyboard Launches

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EASARS released its Flare mechy keyboard with full RGB lighting. Using a 32-bit ARM based CPU and with 512KB of flash memory, the keyboard has a report rate of 1,000Hz (1milli-second) and uses a gold plated USB plug. 

It is Key backlit with full spectrum of up to 16 million colors. It features a "No ghost key" hardware design and comes with 50 million life cycle mechanical switches. The Flare employs a light weight design and adopts a 2-area layout, saving space and making it easy to carry around to gaming events. What stands out with the Flare is the RGB Mechanical Axis keys. It uses full color (16 million colors) RGB mechanical axis keys to give out a full range of colors all using mechanical key with longevity and durability. These are dazzling, bright LED colors with an adjustable RGB backlight. It brings you a new visual experience while you are on the computer.

The Flare allows you to use customized programming settings that can be controlled freely. With the Flare, all standard keys can be remapped in the AP software. The user can set the right "Windows key" into "Layer switch key", which allows the user to switch between the standard layer and extended layer within a profile. In the standard layer mode: all keys work with the standard functions. In the extended layer mode: all keys can allow multiple functions to be assigned.

With the "Profile switch" status color indicator and sound feedback are adjustable. The backlight blinks blue twice and the AP shows "Profile one", "Profile two", "Profile three", "Profile four" and "Profile five" for the changing to a specified profile.

Also with the Flare you have "Macro Live Recording". So for example the The "ADJUST KEY BACKLIGHT EFECT" can be assigned to the effect function type of fully lightened or breathing or heart bead or light off. The "KEY BACKLIGHT BRIGHTNESS CONTROL" function allows you to change the backlighting effects.

The built-In high capacity storage makes it convenient to quickly change the configuration. You can configure profiles and store 5 profiles on the internal flash memory chip (512KB). You can configure any key with the launch application program function in the AP driver software.

With the Flare you have fast control using shortcut key operations for programs and multimedia controls. It is fast and convenient, all while in a dazzling LED environment with full RGB color spectrum. You have to see it to believe it.

For more information, visit the product page.

EASARS Flare RGB Mechanical Keyboard Launches

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