Intel Core Ultra 9 185H Processor Outperforms i9-13900H in Multi-Core Performance

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The specifications of the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H processor have been officially confirmed, showcasing a peak frequency of 5.1 GHz, and featuring 16 cores and 22 threads. This processor demonstrates a superior multi-core performance compared to the i9-13900H. Intel has commenced the distribution of its "Meteor Lake" processors to PC manufacturers, with an official launch scheduled for December 15. Details about the Core Ultra 9 185H's performance were released by Weibo user @LXYYOURS Linxia, who shared CPU-Z test results, while @happyfeizhaiqingxiansen provided results from an AIDA64 memory latency test. The Core Ultra 9 185H is designed for the Socket 2049 FCBGA and operates with a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 45W. Notably, the Ultra 9 series is the only one in the Meteor Lake lineup utilizing a 45W TDP, with other models in the series operating on a 28W TDP.

This processor features a frequency multiplier ranging from x4.0 to x51.0 and can reach a maximum core frequency of 5.1 GHz. It integrates 6 Performance cores (P-cores), 8 Efficiency cores (E-cores), and 2 Low Power E-cores, totaling 16 cores and 22 threads. Benchmark scores indicate that the Core Ultra 9 185H achieves a single-core score of 767.2 and a multi-core score of 8096.9 in CPU-Z version 2.08 (baseline version 17.01.64). For comparison, the Core i9-13900H, which has 14 cores and 20 threads and operates at 5.4 GHz, scores 860 and 7452 in single and multi-core tests respectively in the CPU-Z Benchmark.


In the AIDA64 memory test, the Core Ultra 9 185H exhibited a latency of 133.4 nanoseconds. It's important to note that this testing environment utilized LPDDR5 memory, which may operate at speeds of either 7467 or 7500 MT/s.

The new Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra laptop is reported to feature the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H processor. This model is anticipated to be unveiled on the 15th of this month and is touted as the world's first AI-enhanced notebook.

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