Intel Core i9-14900KS Processor Unveiled: 24 Cores, 32 Threads, Up to 6.2 GHz Frequency

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@9550pro revealed authentic images of the Intel Core i9-14900KS processor. Despite its appearance on certain retailers' websites, Intel has yet to officially launch this processor. Analysis unveiled key specifications of the Core i9-14900KS. Positioned as a specialized version of the i9-14900K, it boasts a maximum frequency of 6.2GHz, surpassing its predecessors, the i9-13900KS and i9-14900K.

The Intel Core i9-14900KS maintains the 24-core, 32-thread configuration of its predecessors, comprising 8 P-cores and 16 E-cores. It incorporates 36 MB of L3 cache and 32 MB of L2 cache.The processor's frequency spans from 3.2 to 6.2 GHz, establishing it as the world's highest frequency chip, exceeding the current i9-13900KS and i9-14900K CPUs by 200 MHz.

However, with increased frequency comes heightened power consumption and temperature. The i9-14900KS exhibits a base TDP (PL1) of 150W, peaking at 410W, with an average rated power of 330W. Operating at such high power levels, the chip's temperature can reach up to 101°C, with the P core achieving nearly 5.9 GHz at maximum.

CPUcorethreadfundamental frequencyAcceleration frequencyL2/L3 cachePL1
i9-14900KS8+16 (24)32To be determined6.2GHz32 / 36 MB150W
i9-14900K8+16 (24)323.2GHz6.0GHz32 / 36 MB125W
i9-14900KF8+16 (24)323.2GHz6.0GHz32 / 36 MB125W
i9-149008+16 (24)322.0GHz5.8GHz32 / 36 MB65W
i9-14900F8+16 (24)322.0GHz5.8GHz32 / 36 MB65W
i9-14900T8+16 (24)321.1GHz5.5GHz32 / 36 MB35W
i7-14700K8+12 (20)283.4GHz5.6GHz28 / 33 MB125W
i7-14700KF8+12 (20)283.4GHz5.6GHz28 / 33 MB125W
i7-147008+12 (20)282.1GHz5.4GHz28 / 33 MB65W
i7-14700F8+12 (20)282.1GHz5.4GHz28 / 33 MB65W
i7-14700T8+12 (20)281.3GHz5.2GHz28 / 33 MB35W
i7-14790F8+8 (16)twenty four2.1GHz5.4GHz24/36 MB65W
i5-14600K6+8 (14)203.5GHz5.3GHz20 / 24 MB125W
i5-14600KF6+8 (14)203.5GHz5.3GHz20 / 24 MB125W
i5-146006+8 (14)202.7GHz5.2GHz20 / 24 MB65W
i5-145006+8 (14)202.6GHz5.0GHz20 / 24 MB65W
i5-14500T6+8 (14)201.7GHz4.8GHz20 / 24 MB35W
i5-144006+8 (14)202.5GHz4.7GHz9.5/20MB65W
i5-14400F6+8 (14)202.5GHz4.7GHz9.5/20MB65W
i3-141004+0 (4)83.5GHz4.7GHz5.0/12MB60W
i3-14100F4+0 (4)83.5GHz4.7GHz5.0/12MB58W
i3-14100T4+0 (4)82.7GHz4.4GHz5.0/12MB35W
Intel 3002+0 (2)43.9GHz/2.5 / 6.0 MB46W
Intel 300T2+0 (2)43.4GHz/2.5 / 6.0 MB35W

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