Intel 10th Gen Core "Comet Lake" Processor Lineup Allegedly Revealed - Prices and Specs

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You can probably tell that Intel is working a bit of a sweat after all that has been released by AMD. Of course, days after the review all of the sudden a roadmap 'accidentally' pops up on the web, showing Intel 10th-gen Comet Lake processors. Including all models, specs and prices.

Comet Lake basically is a rehash of Coffee lake (9th gen) and really, these are all based on Skylake cores. You are going to notice more cores and faster cores in the lineup. Core i3 series will see 4-cores/8-threads; the Core i5 series is 6-cores/12-threads, the Core i7 series 8-cores/16-threads, and the Core i9 series are 10-core/20-thread processors. So it is a coffee lake rehash with a fabrication improvement based on 14 nm+++. The Intel slide was posted at Computerbase.

Hyper-Threading for everyone

One of the biggest surprises is the full use of hyperthreading on all processors offered. Not a single model should provide more than just the same number of cores and threads, as it has always been at Intel for decades and is still today. These processors will feature a new LGA1159 package and you know what that means, you'll need to purchase a new motherboard as socket 1151 will not be compatible.  Core i9 series with 10 cores starts at $409 US  and runs towards 449 USD. Core i7 SKUs, we have two 8 core and 16 thread parts which retail for $339 US and $389 US. The Core i5 SKUs include four 6 cores and 12 thread parts which start at $179 US and to $269 US. Of all true, it also will be interesting to see if Intel has been able to hard lock and hardened their processors vulnerabilities with this generation. 

BTW now some red flags - if you look at the big slide in the thumbnails and think the price looks funny, the pricing last character is a $ as in USD. That's weird as normally the dollars sign is before the actual value. Please peek at the slides with a proper pinch of salt, as it could be fake of course. So that would be my big disclaimer that I am posting here as really - the slide seems a little far-fetched. Have a peek:


Intel 10th Gen Core "Comet Lake" Processor Lineup Allegedly Revealed - Prices and Specs

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