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Let me give you guys a little progress update on our eVGA SR-2 article. Beaux is working hard on compiling data and testing. This dual socket motherboard will be tested at three stages, air, liquid-cooling and liquid nitrogen.

Currently we are at stage two, liquid cooling. And with a bit of luck stage three Liquid Nitrogen tests will be completed this week. Beaux had to wait on the H2O blocks + some extra pots where needed for the LN2 tests as the man, the legend himself, will use seven! LN2 pots, two for the CPUs, one for the chipset and four for the four GeForce GTX 480 graphics cards ;)

The results this far and the photo's we took are short from amazing. Even on air or for that matter liquid cooling this setup is pulling numbers that are ridiculous.

Take Sandra for example, the CPUs at 4.6 GHZ produce awesome numbers

  • A Phenom II X6 1090T would produce 70k Gips 
  • A core i7 975 would produce 88k Gips
  • A Core i7 980X would produce 126k Gips
  • Beaux smoking rig at this moment produces 395k Gips (!)

For this setup we now use two Xeon X5680 processors, each with 6 cores and this 12 threads. Giving this system 12 physical cores and 24 hyperthreaded. A lot of software, including the most benchmarks can't even deal with that many cores.


Here's a couple of photo's for your viewing pleasure. Click on the thumbnails to have a peek.


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