Graphics card prices in the EU fell by 25% in March, but still 25% above MSRP

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According to data compiled by 3DCenter, graphics card costs have reached their lowest position in more than a year, the costs are the lowest they've been since early 2021.

Furthermore, according to today's report, the average MSRP dropped by 25% from the beginning to the end of March. By some strange coincidence, the average amount of GPU price over MSRPs is currently 25 percent as well. 3DCenter's analysis also compares the various AMD and Nvidia SKUs to cost and availability in merchants across the EU. 3DCenter has monitored Nvidia's average pricing through time in green, and AMD in red, in the graphic above. As of today, Nvidia and AMD pricing are nearly same in terms of how much they are overvalued. With more supply, it is reasonable to suppose that all suppliers will have less leeway to overprice, which is why they have queued. The most significant divergences between the green and red lines occurred in May, when buyer price was at its lowest.

Meanwhile, availability levels, depicted as a dashed blue line, appear to be good. When this statistic is combined with declining prices, there is every reason to expect that graphics card buyers who are patient will be rewarded with even lower pricing. If the present trend continues, we might be looking at near to MSRP cost across all graphics card manufacturers and models by the end of April. Many PC DIYers are said to be waiting out for better pricing after being patient for so long. PC gamers and enthusiasts are likely to wait for the next generation as well. And we don't just mean Ada and RDNA3 GPUs; Intel Arc is on the road, and AMD is planning a Radeon RX 6000 series upgrade for April.

Have a look at the yellow line in the graphic. This line depicts the price of Ethereum, which is still the most popular cryptocurrency among GPU miners. Until July of last year, GPU price and ETH were highly connected. The gap/divergence might be caused by a variety of factors, the most evident of which are the increased mining skill level and the substantial spike in energy prices since the autumn. There has been a recent increase in cryptocurrency pricing, which hopefully will not be able to counteract the momentum of declining GPU costs.

Image credit: 3DCenter

Graphics card prices in the EU fell by 25% in March, but still 25% above MSRP

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