Gigabyte Project Stealth Hides All Cables Inside Chassis

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Gigabyte and Maingear have collaborated to assist PC customers build a case with less visible wires and connectors. Along with the Stealth custom gaming PCs, they are launching an assembly kit dubbed Project Stealth.

It is a specialized device that allows you to put all the cables that interfere with PC assembly on the rear of the case, which improves airflow and convenience of installation while also making the inside of the PC more beautiful. The motherboard is a custom specification "Z690 AORUS ELITE STEALTH" with a power connector, various pin headers, SATA connectors, and other connectors arranged on the back side of the board, and the graphics card has an 8-pin auxiliary power connector arranged on the motherboard side, which is the opposite of the standard one. "3070 GAMING OC 8G STEALTH" was merged.

Furthermore, for the PC case, the middle tower PC case "AORUS C300 GLASS STEALTH" suited for rear wiring is used. As the power supply unit, a regular ATX power supply unit can be utilized.

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