GeForce GTX 1180 PCB Leaked

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A mysterious photo has surfaced, claiming to be the PCB for GeForce 1180 (or whatever it'll be called). It's an interesting photo as it reveals a thing or two including connectors, phases and memory.

The photos just leaked via videocardz through Baidu through a user there and shows the PCB front and backside. if you count along with me, the photos have eight placements for 8GB or 16GB of memory (we assume GDDR6). Then you can count 10 power phases and you can spot a 6+8pin power connector. The NVIDIA logo on there is indicative for a reference design PCB.

If you look at the top, you can spot a new connector, that likely is something NVLink, and if it is it'll end the era of SLI as with NVLink two cards behave as one. The GPU size mounting area is rather small, so whilst we mention this to be the top dawg, it might as well be GV104 much to what NVIDIA did with the 1080 (GP104) opposed to the 1080 Ti (GP102). The board number is tagged at PG180, and does look final.

GeForce GTX 1180 PCB Leaked

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