Galaxy and KFA2 are no more - meet GALAX

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Earlier this week we learned from our contacts at KFA2 that not only KFA2 but also Galaxy will make a drastic change, the two brands will (naming wise) cease to exist. Galaxy Technology and KFA2 will from these days onwards be known as GALAX.

A couple of years ago after the demise of BFG, the team from BFG partnered up with Galaxy technologies. The end result was an EU oriented spin-off of Galaxy Technologies called KFA2.  That by itself created confusing over the years branding wise. Now that is corrected.

It is a pretty interesting move, branding wise it’s a great thing to do as with SEO related matter Samsung Galaxy is hurting the brand as well. Do not worry of you own products from them, the warranty will continue as they exist. Products wise you will see regular, EX OC  and SOC products as well.

The upcoming months here at Guru3D we’ll activate an ad campaign bringing the GALAX brand name a little more attention. We’ll obviously also stat a review program with all the important GALAX products.

From what was “Galaxytech” and its European brand “KFA2”, we now bring you “GALAX”; a merger that can offer a single unified brand World wide, making it possible to offer our world wide customer base the exact same product portfolio, service and consumer awareness.

Founded in 1994, GALAXY has built its reputation as the behind-the-scenes designer and manufacturer of many of the most popular OEM-branded graphic card products on the market.

We are dedicated to creating a custom user experience and believe that each of our products needs to fit its owner, not the other way around. What we make is not merely the product of focus group tests, but rather the results of observing and honoring the way individuals choose to interact with technology.

Since 2000 we have introduced numerous critically-acclaimed product series, "Hall of Fame" The aim of HOF is simple: To make a series of graphics cards with the best components available that is able to enter the 3DMark Hall Of Fame.

Our aim is to produce performance products that help to enhance the escapist in games, to heighten the perception of play and help contribute a performance level that is unsurpassed.

Our customers guide everything we do at Galax, and it’s this commitment that defines the company.

GALAX will continue providing all current levels of service and support to all Galaxy/KFA2 customers, and will of course honor all Galaxy/KFA2 warranties to their full extent.

For now, please give the GALAX website a visit. And let the new name simmer a little, it should be easy to remember alright :0

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