EVGA preps High-end Dual socket LGA1366 Motherboard

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If four or maybe six cores Core i7 | i9 | Xeon is not enough for you, then eVGA might have solution for you in Q1 this year. Next week at CES it will display a dual-socket (LGA 1366) motherboard

Very little is know about this motherboard other than a small twitter teaser. If you look at it a bit closer than you can quickly draw some conclusions, this will be an uber high-end tweakers dual LGA-1366 motherboard based on the Intel 5500 "Tylersburg" chipset with the usual ICH10R southbridge.

Considering you'll need SMP support the dual-socket motherboard will have to support the Xeon 5500 series. Probably, a future high-end Intel Core family CPU is released that is capable of dual-socket setups, too. The picture reveals two LGA-1366 sockets, each powered by an 8-phase digital PWM circuit. Each socket is wired to six DDR3 DIMM slots supporting triple-channel memory for that socket.

We have an appointment with eVGA at CES, we'll grab some photo's for you. Click on the thumbnail for a 'part' of the motherboard eVGA is sharing.

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