Dell extends XP sales "due popular demand"

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Dell today issued a last-minute stay on its XP cut-off date and has posted notice that it will continue selling some of its systems with the older Windows operating system until June 26th at 7AM Eastern, or four days before Microsoft's mandatory date for switching most computers to Vista. The extension applies to three variants of the Inspiron 530 desktop that start from $549; a special version of the XPS 630 gaming system also comes with Vista Ultimate but makes XP Professional the default installation.
As promised, Dell will also continue to make the XPS 630's downgrade option available after June 26th along with similar options on the XPS 720 H2C and the XPS M1730 notebook.

All of Dell's business lines already require the downgrade choice for users who would prefer not to use Vista.

The unusually short extension isn't explained by Dell beyond the popularity level but points to continuing resistance to Vista among home users, who are less likely than corporate buyers to be affected by backwards compatibility issues but have in the past raised concerns over software driver support as well as relative performance for both budget and gaming systems.

Dell extends XP sales "due popular demand"

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