Cougar Releases VANTAR AX BLACK has scissor-switches

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VANTAR AX BLACK has an aluminum appearance with a variety of RGB light effects. It’s equipped with slick scissor-switches that bring users a higher response for a comprehensive gaming experience.

The gaming keyboard "VANTAR AX BLACK", adopts a thin design with a thickness of only 15 mm, has been released. A standard black cap is attached to the variation of "VANTAR AX" that used a see-through type keycap. 

The key switch is equipped with an original scissor-switch that uses a pantograph mechanism. Since the cap shape is flat, the movement of fingers is smooth, and a clear and good keying feeling can be obtained. In addition, all keys have built-in RGB illumination that supports various effects. In addition, it supports 19-key rollover as a model for gaming. Specific areas such as around the WASD key and the space bar support anti-ghosting, so there is no worry of input omission even when typing at high speed. In addition, the aluminum alloy body has external dimensions of 445 mm in width, 127 mm in depth, 15 mm in height, and 626 g in weight. The connection interface is USB, and the cable length is 1.6m.

Cougar Releases VANTAR AX BLACK has scissor-switches

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