CORSAIR Introduces Two New Dual Chamber PC Case Series: 6500 and 2500

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CORSAIR has unveiled its latest offerings in the realm of dual chamber PC cases. The 6500 and 2500 Series, designed to accommodate the emerging trend of reverse connector motherboards, represent a significant advancement in PC case design.Set to revolutionize PC building, the 6500 and 2500 Series provide unparalleled customization options. These cases feature a dual chamber layout, optimizing both cooling efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The spacious mid-tower design of the 6500 and the compact mid-tower design of the 2500 cater to a variety of build requirements.

The integration of reverse connector motherboards such as the ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero simplifies cable management, offering a cleaner internal layout. Paired with CORSAIR's iCUE LINK ecosystem, this setup minimizes cable clutter, enhancing the overall building experience. In terms of cooling performance, the 6500D AIRFLOW and 2500D AIRFLOW models stand out with their fully mesh panels. These cases prioritize airflow, ensuring optimal cooling for high-end components. Meanwhile, the 6500X and 2500X variants boast crystal-clear tempered glass panels, adding a touch of visual elegance to any setup.


The dual-chamber design of these cases separates cooling and cable management zones, facilitating direct airflow to critical components. Additionally, multiple radiator mounting locations offer flexibility in cooling solutions, catering to the needs of flagship builds. User convenience is paramount in the 6500 and 2500 Series, with features like tool-free front panel removal and flexible grommets enhancing ease of use. Moreover, builders can personalize their cases with a range of accessories, including alternative panels and vertical GPU mounts.

Aaron Neal, Director of DIY Product Marketing at CORSAIR, emphasized the company's commitment to improving the PC building experience. He stated, "We honor our legacy in dual chamber cases while introducing new features to elevate the PC building process."

For builders seeking unparalleled cooling performance and customization options, the 6500 and 2500 Series from CORSAIR are the ideal choice. Don't forget to complement your build with the latest iCUE LINK RX Series fans for exceptional radiator cooling. Both chassis sit in a $200 price range. 

We have a review up on the 2500D already. Read it here.

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