Computex 2017: DeepCool Goes Quad-Stellar

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Every year the brand DeepCool is getting a bit more popular. We have checked out their Captain series of LCS coolers, their Genome series chassis. But they struck gold with the tri-stellar series two years ago. Well, this time there is a quad-stellar!

This year DeepCool is back with a booth at Computex, showing off a wide variety of cooling gear and chassis. Deep Cool recently made quite a fuss with their tri-stellar design chassis, albeit maybe not the most practical chassis, it certainly was a (and pricy) unique series.  Deep cool otherwise has many other products on display including their heatpipe based coolers as well as their luxury line fans and of course the latest revision of liquid cooling solutions, now all black. Also check out the concept chassis. As always some pretty cool stuff is to be found there if you ask me, check the thumbnails for a product overview of their latest gear.

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