CeBIT 2011 - OCZ Technolgy

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The next stop at CeBIT 2011 is OCZ Technology, recently they of coursed introduced their new Vertex 3 and Vertex PRO SSDs. which we both reviewed here at

These are amongst the fastest SSDs on the globe with the new SandForce 2000 series controllers and pushing ridiculous numbers up-to 550 MB/sec over the SATA 6G interface. Obviously these products where the key focus of their booth.

You'll also pot the latest Z-Drive R3 RM84 PCIe SSD, the new ZX series power supplies, and sure a little focus on corporate products as well. The Helios for example is a SAS based SSD running over an LSI SAS 6GBps controller.

Glued shut to the you'll see a 3.5" version of the Vertex 3 SSD but also a really tiny 1.8" form factor Vertex 3 which still is available in a 256GB volume size crunching and writing 60K IOPS on random 4K files. Very sexy stuff.

The photo's of Helios and Deneva SSD products, pretty much is Vertex 3, yet intended for corporate usage. And be sure to check out the new IBIS XL, it might look huge in that 5.25" drive bay but that fracker has 4 TB SSD storage at rates of 1800 Mb/sec and up to 1700 MB/sec in writes (!)

Check out the photo gallery here.

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