Board Partner BIOS release schedule Radeon RX Vega leaks

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Right granted, it's a bit of a weird story to report on, but as the title states a BIOS release schedule for Radeon RX Vega has leaked onto the web. As you know AIB partners obviously are working on Vega for a while now, engineering samples and pre-production designs. They follow a release schedule.

A list has now surfaced online detailing the release schedule of the BIOS and engineering production testing for Radeon Rx Vega. The interesting thing here is that it contains dates. And if you have been following everything Vega, everybody is expecting some sort of announcement slash launch at the end of the month at Siggraph conference, as AMD earlier on detailed and indicated.

Back to the list, which was discovered by 3dcenter. So the bill of materials, the required parts to fab a Vega graphics card, was released sometime in June towards the partners. Engineering validation tests have been happening last month and early July. That means that working samples from AIB partners are scheduled to be ready as we speak, with product validation tests (PVT) follwing into and up-to early August. 


BOM Release Bill Of Materials Release Beginning to end of June
EVT Engineering Validation Test End of June to beginning of July
DVT Design Validation Test Beginning until mid-July
WS Working sample (all with engineering hardware and software) In the middle of July
EMI Test Electromagnetic Interference Test (EMC) In the middle of July
PVT Production Validation Test End of July to beginning of August
PVT Sorting ? Beginning of August
PPBIOS Input of the final source BIOS from AMD Beginning of August (final source BIOS to come on August 2 )
Ramp & MP Start of mass production Will be defined later, AMD date is still missing


An interesting detail is that the final BIOS for Rx Vega (consumer part) is to be released August 2nd, followed by mass-production at an undefined schedule. That means that at launch time there might not be many boards around. Then again, if the design is ready and the BIOS is ready, the AIB partners can and distribute extremely fast. The BIOS release schedule list is courtesy of 3dcenter, who spotted it. They do not mention a source though, hence the info at hand is unconfirmed. But well, if the AIB partners are on it - then consumer Vega is coming alright.

Board Partner BIOS release schedule Radeon RX Vega leaks

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