ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock to Reveal X399 motherboards July 25th

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July 25th AMD will host a Meet the Experts webinar with names like ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock. They will offer detailed information on their upcoming X399 motherboards. X399 is the motherboard platform and chipset for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. Below you can already watch four photos of the brands.

The beastly processing power that Threadripper offers is balanced by more memory bandwidth via quad DDR4 channels, and it’s backed by up to a whopping 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes for multiple graphics cards and ultra-fast NVMe SSDs.

This Threadripper ready mobos hold 8x DDR4 DIMM modules that can hold 128 GB of DDR4 memory and you will often see 4x PCIe x16 slots and support for up to three NVMe M.2 drives.  The ASUS board will get a 10 Gbit ethernet (Aquantia AQtion AQC107 10Gb ethernet controller), by means of a PCI-Express add-in card, but also will get dual-band Wi-Fi solution that supports the new 802.11ad protocol and is capable of theoretical tranfer rates up to 4.6Gbps.

That ASRock board though, how in gods name did Intel manage to get their logo on it, and why did ASRock agree to that ?

Anyhow, AMD board partners are hard at work with X399 motherboards for the pending launch. With so many PCIE-Express lanes available (64!) you should see a wide diversity in PCIe and M.2 ports. MSI has not shown their motherboard just yet.

AMD Meet the Experts:

On this month’s Meet the Experts, we will provide a deep dive on the new X399 motherboards built to support the new AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processors.

Guest speakers from Asus®, Gigabyte™, MSI®, and ASRock® will provide an in-depth look on the positioning, features and specifications of these new motherboards.

During Computex we took some more photos on the ASUS X399 Zenith (here) and a prototype Gighabyte Aorus one in detail (here). We can't wait!

ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock to Reveal X399 motherboards July 25th

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