Asus RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 High-Power Router

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Asus launched a new high power wireless router, the RT-N12HP that is ideal for both home and small businesses. This new wireless-N300 router is equipped with detachable 9dbi antennas and hardware signal power amplifier. Therefore you can get up to 300% extended WiFi coverage, and thus you can access the router from any part of your home or office easily. It has the weirdest antenna's though ...

As mentioned this router uses a unique transmission power amplifier that increases the wireless range and signal quality considerably. When compared to standard N300 routers, the RT-N12HP offers longer-range in 802.11n wireless networks. In addition, users can experience a more stable and coherent signal throughout the usage period.

Therefore, this new high power wireless router is not only good for homes but also for small businesses that want 360-degree coverage without wanting to spend on more than one router. And say if you want to expand the coverage even further, you can do it by getting the RT-N12HP to work in conjunction with another wireless router.

Other than just a router, the RT-N12HP also offers functions of a range extender and access point. The EZ switch helps you to shift between the operating modes with a single touch. Its user-friendly interface lets you connect up to four different kinds of networks with different bandwidth options and access privileges at the same time.

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