ASUS Announces Adoption of NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology

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ASUS is excited to announce that it will adopt NVIDIA G-SYNC technology into its next generation monitor lineup. NVIDIA G-SYNC, a significant innovation in display technology, provides an excellent gaming experience and stunning visual quality by synchronizing the monitor's refresh rate to the GPU's render rate. Images are displayed the moment they are rendered, which results in smoother gameplay and sharper images through the elimination of onscreen tearing, stuttering, and latency. 

G-SYNC technology includes an NVIDIA G-SYNC module that requires integration into monitors, as well as hardware and software incorporated into its Kepler-based GPUs. It removes the need to use older technologies such as V-Sync, which can eliminate tearing but can increase latency and stuttering during gameplay. G-SYNC eliminates this trade-off leading to an uncompromised PC gaming experience.

ASUS, in a joint effort with NVIDIA, has been working over the past year to bring G-SYNC technology to market and will incorporate it into new monitors beginning in 2014. ASUS plans to release a G-SYNC-enhanced VG248QE gaming monitor in the first half of 2014 with pricing set at $399 USD in North America. 

"ASUS strives to provide the best possible gaming experience by being at the forefront of technology and innovation. We are excited to be first to support and embrace NVIDIA's new G-SYSNC technology in upcoming ASUS gaming monitors. Gamers are certain to be impressed with its incredible step-up in smoothness and visual quality." said Vincent Chou, Associate Vice President of Display Business Unit ASUSTek.

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