Apple purchases Intel modem division for 1 billion dollars

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Apple has paid 1 billion dollars (more than 890 million euros) to take over "most of" Intel's division, where smart phone modem chips are made. As part of the acquisition, which should be completed by the end of the year, approximately 2,200 Intel employees will be working at Apple.

Apple will also gain access to the technology and knowledge of the Intel department working on 5G technology. After the takeover, Intel will stop making network technology for smartphones. The chip maker continues to make modems for other devices, such as smart devices and laptops. Thanks to the acquisition, Apple can develop its own 5G modems for iPhones. In this way, the company is not dependent on chip manufacturer Qualcomm, with which Apple was involved in lawsuits for a long time.

According to rumors, Intel had been planning to sell its fashion division for months. In April, the company announced its plans to cease production of 5G modems for smartphones. Before the acquisition, Apple and Intel had long been in talks about the development of 5G devices for iPhones.

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