New NVIDIA Shield Being Worked On? Two new Codenames spotted (updated)

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People either like or dislike the Shield series from NVIDIA. Personally, I have two of them as kids like to simply game stream or use the Android TV functionality. Next, to that, these are excellent media boxes supporting Ultra HD and HDR on all complex color gamut standards as well as HD audio passthrough. 

Nvidia has been updating these Tegra X1 puppies ever since their first release, I mean I posted my first review in 2016 which actually was a 2015 released product, followed by the slimmer upgraded 2017 model a year later. Up-to today in 2019 the units still are plenty fast and receiving Android updates. 

However, there might be something new brewing. Two new code names have been spotted in the code base of a recent update. Two mysterious accessories called 'Stormcaster' and 'Friday' have been listed. The names are associated with a new Shield controller and remote control. And if that happens, Nvidia likely also has a new Shield in the works.

The manufacturer reply:

"It's fairly standard practice for various concept codenames to appear in codebases. Those references remain even when it becomes unlikely that the concept ever goes into production. We can't comment on which codenames refer to product concepts that are active vs which ones are inactive, as it can be fluid. However, I can confirm that none of the codenames below refer to products that have launched publicly."

Update July 26th, 2019 - the NVIDIA Corporation SHIELD Android TV Game Console P3430 has surfaced at FCC, so yes, it looks like NVIDIA indeed is working on a new revision. Mentioned a while ago was Android 9 Pie and a new Tegra X1 T210 B01-SoC. This is a chip with four Cortex A57 and four A53 copies. Reportedly, the same Tegra X1 SoC could also be found in the updated Switch and Switch Lite from Nintendo.

Time will tell.


New NVIDIA Shield Being Worked On? Two new Codenames spotted (updated)

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