Anticipated 15% Increase in SSD Prices for Q2 2024

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Industry analysts have released their latest projections for the NAND flash market, forecasting a significant price increase for Solid State Drives (SSDs) in the second quarter of 2024. According to the report, client SSD prices are expected to rise by up to 15% in Q2, following a substantial 23-28% increase in the first quarter. The report provides a comparative analysis of price trends for various NAND flash products, including mobile NAND (eMMC and UFS), client and server SSDs, and the raw NAND flash wafers. The first quarter of 2024 has already seen notable price increases, impacting consumers and potentially adding significant costs to PC builds or upgrades. Despite hopes for stabilization, the upward trend in SSD prices is likely to continue into Q2 2024, with an anticipated additional 10-15% increase.

This rise in client SSD prices is reportedly faster than that of 3D NAND wafers, the core component of SSDs. Factors contributing to this trend include SSD manufacturers' purchasing strategies, a decrease in sales of related products, and limited stockpiling activities in recent months. TrendForce attributes changes in production capacity utilization rates by major manufacturers such as Kioxia and Western Digital (WDC) as key influences on market pricing, noting that other significant players have adopted more cautious production approaches. While client SSD users are facing steep price increases, the situation is even more challenging for enterprise SSD purchasers. TrendForce's analysis suggests that enterprise SSDs could see price hikes of 20-25% in Q2 2024, driven by strong demand from communication service providers in the US and China, unmet needs for high-capacity products, and anticipatory inventory building among some sectors.


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