AMD Vega 20 3DMark11 benchmark surfaces

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We've heard about the GPU called VEGA20 a number of times already. Vega 20 is to be a die shrunk version of Vega, with more memory. So it is expected to have the same 64CUs as in Vega 10 but would be fabbed at 7nm. A few days ago the card was already mentioned as 'spotted' in the AMD Labs, today however a result surfaced in the 3Dmark database. 

We mentioned Vega20 a few times in the past already, and that would be a die shrunk Vega, much like what Ryzen 2000 will be towards the original Ryzen procs. Whatever the production node is, we don't know 100% yet though as that can be anything from 7 to 12 nm.  

Earlier on a Linux driver entry was listing no less than six new device IDs referring towards "Vega 20". Vega 20 was mentioned to be released the second half of 2018 which makes 7nm a no-go. the card will have the same 64 CUs / 4096 shader processors as in Vega 10. VEGA20 BTW is suggested to also feature PCIe 4.0. compatibility. 

We can now add to that a Futuremark 3Dmark 11 (UL) entry, which isn't going to say much in terms of performance with such an old benchmark.  However, the card indeed was spotted, and with 32GB graphics memory it seems. That makes it an AI/Deep learning reference model being tested, likely something Radeon instict. Here is the Vega Frontier vs Vega 20 3DMark11 score as spotted by videocardz, the device ID of 66A0 belongs to Vega 20:

AMD Vega 20 3DMark11 benchmark surfaces

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