AMD Threadripper 7000 Confirmed By CPU-Z Update Changes List

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The latest update to the primary CPU software tool indicates the upcoming CPU releases from Intel and AMD. Additionally, the update extends formal support to individual CPUs within AMD's Storm Peak (STP) series. This series represents the forthcoming High-End Desktop (HEDT) and the workstation Threadripper PRO series. 

According to the 2.08 update changelog, the Storm Peak series will include five different SKUs, having core counts ranging from 16 to 96. These CPUs, constructed on the Zen4 architecture, are derivatives of Genoa chips. They will share a similar package and socket configuration. It's noteworthy for HEDT aficionados that a new motherboard featuring the TRX50 chipset will be essential to accompany these CPUs. This motherboard will also be compatible with PCIe Gen5 storage and DDR5 memory, marking considerable advancements from the Threadripper 5000 (Zen3) series.

The 2.08 update of the CPUZ software highlights the following:

  • Improved support of Intel Meteor Lake.
  • Intel Core i5 14400F, 14400T, 14400, 14500 and 14500T.
  • Intel Core i3 14100F, 14100T and 14100.
  • Intel 300 and 300T processors (RPL, 2c, 65/35W).
  • AMD Threadripper PRO 7995WX (STP, 96c), 7985WX (STP, 64c), 7975WX (STP, 32c), 7955WX (STP, 16c) and 7945WX (STP).
  • Preliminary support for AMD EPYC Bergamo.
  • Fixed delay generated by version checking.

The changelog also provides details about the Threadripper PRO 7945WX from the Storm Peak series. Although the specific core count for this model remains undisclosed, it can be inferred that it has less than 16 cores since the 7955WX model has 16 cores. You can download the latest CPU-Z here.

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