Albatron unveils ARM-based Tee PC

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Yeah I'm really not joking .. it's really called 'Tee PC', to compete directly with ASUS' Eee PC line. Well you know what, this entire thing might even be just a marketing gimmick to get them some extra attention. But Albatron today is playing on the same theme with its new Tee PC netbook. The Tee PC is based on a 7-inch LCD touchscreen good for 800x480 resolution but, instead of relying on an Intel Atom or Celeron, powers the system with a cellphone-oriented ARM 926 processor running at just 400MHz. The 128MB flash drive is loaded with Windows CE 6 and uses the lower memory footprint to trim down to 128MB of RAM.

Despite the performance, Albatron claims the Tee PC offers more netbook-like media performance with a graphics processor capable of decoding VGA, H.264 and MPEG4 format videos at 30FPS. Other features include an SD card slot, a swivel-mount webcam, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. A pair of USB ports is integrated into the UMPC's docking station, which also sports a large speaker and the power connection.

Neither prices nor ship dates are known at this time.

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