Zalman ZM-M240W Stereoscopic monitor review

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Now we did take this monitor outside the studio and office and here's a couple of photo's in a home environment with much warmer colors opposed to white only from the photo studio.

Zalman 3D Monitor

Granted, the glossiness of the screen can become a bothersome issue. But in a warm colored environment the screen seems to behave a little better aright. Once powered on, the TFT will reproduce a strong, outstanding actually, screen quality. It's quite bright eliminating some of the glossiness issues. Overall it is a good looking monitor alright.

Zalman 3D Monitor

Once powered on you have access to a simple menu control. We did not spot any defects in terms of dead pixels and we where surprised by the overall quality of color precision.

Zalman 3D Monitor

Also the response time felt good during gaming and most of all, the contrast seems to be good as well. So image quality wise we really have very little to complain. One last photo before we are going to show you some of the software options.

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