XiMeta 80 Gb NetDisk review

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Page 3 - Photo's

First let's see what the product looks like with a series of photo's that we took.

All images you see are copyright please do not use or deeplink them. The photo's have been taken with a Sony DCS F707 at a high resolution.

DSC03321.JPGThis is the NetDisk device. The version you are looking at is the 80 GB version. Extremely stylish and very nice product to look at.

Top view of the product, as you can see on the right two led lights, one for power and one for active Ethernet connectivity.

The is what is oncluded in the box, the NetDisk, power supple, manual and driver CD, and USB and Ethernet (CAT5) cable.

The box dear peopleĀ ... the box.

I figured I'd place the device next to one of the Logitech Z680 speakers to get you an idea of the actual size of it.

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