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Features and NDAS
Offered in the flavors 80 GB, 120 GB and 160 GB this device is extremely convenient for portable storage. The possibilities are of course virtually endless, think about files storage for MP3, photo's, Movies or whatever you need on that external HD. It doesn't stop there as through that Ethernet connection your NetDisk will be recognized as Local HD by all PC within your Network. You can also think of this product as backup device or secure HD that holds your data. At the end of the day you can unplug it and keep it in a safe or take it along with you.


NDASOf course an additional huge advantage of the NetDisk is the fact that it utilizes the very fast Ethernet 100/10 Mbit/sec and USB 2.0 standards. This by itself assures you of the fact that reading/writing data is fast. The product can connect directly towards the LAN/Ethernet as it's using XiMeta's NDAS technology. NDAS is short for Network Direct Attached Storage. NDAS acts as an independent  local and a shared disk that can be used by any PC on the network. Something that we already know from RAID controllers we can also see with multiple NetDisks, it can be combined into one large drive, multiple storage units, giving the storage system expandability. Traditional network storage systems that have been widely used are NAS and SAN. Since these traditional storage systems can only operate subordinately to the server or host, sharing and expanding can be very inconvenient.

Looks like something from the XMen movie eh ?

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