XFX Radeon RX 7700 XT QICK 319 review

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Product Photos

The pricing of the Radeon RX 7700 XT stands out at $449, targeting buyers seeking performance at an affordable rate. Nevertheless, a price range of $349~$399 might be more fitting for this product. XFX expect the price for this custom edition to settle at $460-470.


The Radeon RX 7700 XT boasts a substantial 12GB of dedicated memory, which is sufficient for contemporary games and graphic-intensive tasks. We were provided a reference model from AMD for review. Central to the Radeon RX 7700 XT is the RDNA 3 GPU architecture by AMD, which offers notable performance enhancements, efficient power usage, and superior features when compared with its earlier versions. In terms of connectivity, both the Radeon RX 7700 XT and 7800 XT are versatile, sporting 3x DisplayPort 2.1 and 1x HDMI 2.1 outputs. Owing to AMD's Radiance Display engine, the graphics card can support up to 480Hz in 4K and 165Hz in 8K through DisplayPort 2.1.


Thermal behaviour is governed by crucial thermal limits. The operation of the fan is significantly influenced by the GPU junction temperature, set fan RPM at 1600 RPM, and memory temperature. When under load, the fan maintains its target RPM of 1600 until the GPU reaches the specified junction or memory temperature.


When these temperatures are attained, the fan RPM will incrementally increase to sustain the set temperature. If the GPU's temperature stays considerably below the target, the RPM might descend below 1600. The fan will cease operation when the GPU's temperature is below all predefined fan stop temperatures, resuming only when the GPU surpasses any of the set fan start temperatures.


From a hardware perspective, the graphics card requires a dual 8-pin power connector. It also features a triple -fan cooler within a 2.7-slot design. Notably, the reference card comes with a backplate. It's a classy looking product alright.


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