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10 - Game Performance: Frontlines: Fuel of War | World in Conflict

Frontlines: Fuel of War

This is a game that's got a couple of big ambitions. The first is to provide a large-scale multiplayer experience along the lines of Battlefield: Modern Combat. That means in addition to running around on foot, you can jump in and control a variety of vehicles on the battlefield. However, it also wants to add what Battlefield sorely lacks, which is a compelling single-player experience. Perhaps the most impressive level is a completely war-torn cityscape that has gutted skyscrapers everywhere. Even more startling is that you can actually get into some of these towering husks, which gives you an incredibly high perch. While that might seem a bit unfair, keep in mind that there are many ways for other players to get at you, such as the remote-controlled air drones that can fly up and shred you with guns or rockets.

Frontlines: Fuel of War is a great title we recently added to our benchmark suite, over time more and more results will be added obviously. That's actually really nice performance, in-game everything possible image quality wise is maxed out. The XFX card takes the lead but only once we hit 2560x1600 we see a small difference compared to the regular clocked GX2.

Gaming: World in Conflict

Impressive gameplay and graphics that will make you go into shock and awe. Yes, World in Conflict has been released. This game offers a serious graphical challenge to you guys, the gamers. Wars often end in either victory, loss or compromise.

Vivendi Universal recently was kind enough to send us a copy a couple of days prior to the release of the game. You are an avid Guru3D reader so that means you also know we'll do things a bit differently. It's not moving very fast, but slowly we see more and more DirectX 10 titles becoming available on the market.

World in Conflict is a late Cold War real-time strategy game with a strong focus on unit tactics, action, team play, and destruction. Players take on a specific role commanding air, armor, infantry, and support units to form a combined arms force against the enemy. By controlling key strategic points on the map, you sway the battle in your favor. There is no resource-gathering, so every second not spent fighting the enemy over a piece of land is a second wasted.

Image Quality setting:

  • 0x Anti Aliasing
  • 16x anisotropic filtering

What you are observing above are the results done with the medium (DX9) setting. WIC is a pretty CPU bound game, the results clearly show.

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