TRENDnet 5-port Unmanaged 2.5G Switch review

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The TRENDnet TEG-S350 has auto-negotiation. It didn't matter what type of cable that we plugged into it, be it cross-over or straight-through, or what port you plug into it, it will figure it out and just work. This is a nice touch because invariably you discover that you need a different cable very late at night.

Talking about cables, we used a wide variety of cables starting at CAT 5e, they all worked at 2.5G problem-free. So I would not worry too much spending heaps of money on expensive better-shielded cables (albeit that's always better).


Trendnet includes a handy Quick Install Guide. In just about every language imaginable. The unit has a 4-step installation procedure, 5 if you hang the switch on a wall. Let me run you through them! I'm kidding. It is the standard, unpack and plug it in and watch the LEDs light up, variety. Woops, I guess I just ran you through it. You can get your money back at the top of the page. No, I'm kidding again. We're keeping all the money.

We did find the power connector located at the front side to be, that should have been in the back. Also, a power brick always feels a little fragile. I can imagine that if you bump it accidentally, it will cause a restart of the switch. I'm wondering why Trendnet didn't use a standard-size power plug. The wall wart only got medium warm during use, which is a Good Thing.


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