Toshiba TR200 SSD 960GB Review

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Specifications & Features

Specifications & Features

The sample that Toshiba submitted is the 960GB model. This series is equipped with Toshiba TLC written NAND flash memory from the A15nm / 64-layer BiCS node. The new SSD is as Toshiba claims a new value SSD solution that still provides nice performance and endurance for mainstream users.


Toshiba will release three models at 240, 480 and 960GB. Due to the architecture and memory channels used, the 240GB model will be a notch slower for writing in Random 4K IOPS, albeit that is a very modest performance difference. This is pretty much the rule of thumb for any brand BTW. Still, a 240GB SSD performing at 550 MB/sec read and 540 MB/sec write performance remains fast, very fast. 

  • SATA 3 - 6Gbp/s Interface
  • A5nm Toshiba TLC NAND Flash BiCS 64-layer
  • 7mm form factor
  • 240, 480 and 960 GB models
  • Performance and endurance without compression/loss of usable capacity
  • Power consumption Sleep 0.1 mW / Active 1.6 W
  • TRIM, Idle Time Garbage Collection support
  • 3 Year Warranty 
Toshiba makes mention of endurance, it varies based on capacity though. But if we take the 960 GB model as example, you'll get a proper 240TB Written measured over 5 years. If you do the math spread out over the 5 years under warranty that would be 240.000 GB / 60 Months = 4000 GB per month. Divide that by 30 days and you have an allowance of ~133 GB writes per day. For the 240 GB that's half that number, and for the 240 GB version that's once again halved. Now, do not confuse this with a specific lifespan and then boom it dies, no typically SSDs go way beyond such metrics and values. These SSDs might easily double or triple that lifespan and writes. With proper drive wearing, amplification and all the safety features at 40GB/day you could even get 15 years or more of lifespan out of the product before the NAND cells are exhausted. 


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