Synology DS1019+ Gigabit NAS Review

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So, here we have the unit shipped in The Synology NAS is clearly tagged and identified as shown on the box, easy to spot and verify in the stores, though hard to spot in our white photo studio ;)



Opening up the box you'll notice a well-packaged product. Chances of damage are fairly slim as the NAS is cushioned in-between two massive Styrofoam blocks and then has a plastic bag enclosing it. A separate carton holds the power brick and other included kit like two CAT5E cables, SSD tray mounting screws etc.


The front side of the DS1019+ is looking familiar, the trays functions as latches it works really well but is a bit 'plastic' for a product in this price range. The shell is made of plastic, the inside based on metal, which makes this a very sturdy product I must say. First impressions, a nice look, I like it. Also both on the front and backside, a USB 3.1 (Gen1) connector.


Bundled you'll find everything you need to get started. Adapter + power cable, 2x Cat5e Ethernet cables for anything Gigabit. HDDs can be mounted tool-free as the NAS has drive caddies. We'll show you that on the next pages of course. 2.5" SSDs will need to be secured with screws though.  If in the near future you are upgrading to new network cabling, please already opt for Cat 6e and be future proof. Cat 5e will work up-to roughly ~5 Gbps if you need to cover a lot of distance. So if you ever upgrade to a 10 Gbps infrastructure, you better be prepared for that. 

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