Solidigm P41 Plus 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD Review

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SSD Performance Video Capture

SSD Performance Video Capture

If one workload is stressful for any storage unit, it must be video capturing. We simulate a 5K capture workload and test + log continuous writing towards the storage unit in this test. The test is 64 GB in size and will expose any TLC/QLC write holes an SSD has, up to 64 GB, of course. We're sending captures 5K frames towards storage and have it write/read as fast as it can. 


This 64GB file read test (readback of fame content) shows great results. The peak read performance is a notch over 3.5 GB/sec.


Writing (capturing video data) then, we write 64GB. Any TLC/QLC write holes (when your SSD runs out of buffers) will be exposed here. It can keep up very well. 

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